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We are so happy to be able to Return to Play for our 2021 Spring Season!!

It has been decided that we will officially start our 2020/21 season on Saturday April 17, 2020.

We will follow National AYSO guidelines along with Somers Youth Sports Guidelines.

Below you will find on how we are to execute some of the guidelines that we have decided upon as part of our "Safe Return To Play" policy. These guidelines are designed to keep everybody safe and healthy as well as allowing the quality of our sessions/interactions to remain at their highest.

To ensure everyone's safety, we have compiled guidelines for Players, Parents as well as Coaches that we ask to kindly adhere to:

If a player has had a documented case of the COVID-19 infection, or has had direct contact with somebody who has, a doctor's note is required to clear them to participate in team practices and games.

=> If you are awaiting a COVID-19 Test Result you are not permitted to play until a negative test result has been given.

  • Each family is asked to check their athlete's temperature at home, and refrain from participation if he or she has a fever (≥100.4 degrees F). BY ATTENDING PRACTICE, YOU ARE CONFIRMING THAT YOU HAVE TAKEN THIS STEP PRIOR TO ATTENDING ANY AYSO FUNCTION.
  • Please inform us immediately should your child or anyone in your family test positive for COVID-19 so we can inform any and all staff/families on your child's team.

Field monitors will be at every field to handle procedures and enforce guidelines. If a field monitor is not available there will be NO play for that division.


- Field Monitor Stations: Hand Sanitizer applied before every session.  Masks will be provided for all Coaches.  
- Sanitize equipment (cones, goal posts, goalie gloves) after each game
- Keep Count of spectators, players, and coaches (LIMIT OF 2 SPECTATORS TO PLAYER)
- ALL players must have a signed  SYSO Return to Play Waiver (field monitors will collect waivers)

- 30 mins allocated between divisions for Sanitizing of Equipment

- All Volunteers will be provided with face masks. Field Monitor will also wear gloves.

Activity Limitations:

-No throw ins, kick ins only.

- Gloved Goal Keeper is ONLY PLAYER allowed to handle ball with hands.

Player Safety Requirements: Players will not be allowed to play without all of the following:
- Shin guards
- Soccer cleats or gym shoes
- Own ball with name written on it
- Own water bottle with name written on it

- All personal equipment kept at 3ft distance from each-other in bag.

Field Rules:
- No mixing of players or coaches between groups
- No sharing of pinnies, balls, or water bottles
- Everyone on sidelines, including players, must wear masks
- No more than 50 participants including players, coaches, referees and spectators
  * Additional spectators need to be > 30 feet away from the field
- Only essential spectators on the sidelines

-Spectator Line- All non-player spectators are to stay behind line (12ft off of field lines)
- Social distancing on the sidelines, including players (six feet)
  * six feet from each other and six feet from the touch line
  * families in same household can sit together but still six feet from others
- Coach should be six feet from players. No huddles.
- No benches (e.g. no collapsible benches). Participants can bring chairs.
- No post-game handshakes.
- No group post-game snacks.
- No goal high fives, chest bumps, etc.
- Players & spectators must leave the field immediately after game ends
- Any post-game talks from coaches should be limited and social distanced
- Players that arrive early for next game must wait 30 feet from the game / field.
- Coaches are limited to coaching only their teams and substitutes are not allowed


Additional FAQs

+ Should parents be allowed to stay and watch games?
Yes, but we ask that they wear masks and social distance, according to current phase of return to play. We need all
families keep a 6ft Social Distance from each other, and stay behind the Spectator Flags.

+ The biggest challenge may be what happens if someone on the team gets infected. That could cause a domino
effect of things to follow with the entire team being quarantined.

Players with symptoms should stay home to limit the spread. Players and coaches should still practice social distancing
when they can, no high fives, handshakes, hugs, etc., and wash their hands/use hand sanitizer if they come in contact with another
player/coach. If a player is diagnosed with COVID-19, the entire team must return to self-isolation until symptom free for 14 days.
Player diagnosed CANNOT return to play without a Department of Health Note stating they are COVID Free and quarantine dates. (There will be no-refunds for the player/
team due to quarantined time.)

+ Will Somers AYSO be supplying PPE and doing sanitizing?
Somers AYSO will supply masks for all Volunteers (Coaches). Parents will need to supply masks for themselves and their players.
Cleaning of equipment will be done before and after every session of play. Field Monitors and Coaches will work together on this,
AYSO will supply the sanitizing equipment.

+ What is the liability for the associations if a player/coach is diagnosed with COVID-19?
ASYO NATIONAL insurance covers injuries only, not infectious diseases or viruses. Within the registration every parent/volunteer
is mandated to sign the “play at your own risk” waiver.
SOMERS YOUTH SPORTS ORGANIZATION also has its own liability waiver that must be signed by parents/volunteers in order to

+ Will I receive a refund if we are to stop the season early do to COVID?
If we are to STOP season before the 4 week mark all registrants will receive a full refund for Spring 2021. If we STOP season after the 4 week
mark there will be NO refund.


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